Universal Wire Cloth is the leading wire cloth products manufacturer in the Philadelphia area, serving a broad range of industries with innovative wire cloth custom weaving products.

Wire cloth has advanced far beyond the humble chain link fence. Universal Wire Cloth’s advanced equipment allows different types of pre-crimped metal to be woven into an almost infinite variety of patterns and weaves for architectural applications and industrial filtration.

Wire cloth is still emerging in the architectural industry as an exciting alternative to traditional fences screens, and partitions. New types of security fences and barriers can provide protection without the defensive look of security barriers, offering a far more elegant solution. Infill panels have become a popular choice, offering an effective alternative to conventional chain link and barbed wire barriers.

High end architectural applications can offer wirecloth partitions as an innovative and cost-effective partition system, using decorative components and fasteners for a unique look.

Universal Wire Cloth also provides hooked screens and sifter screens for industrial filtration. We can perform custom weaving to create filters specific to your equipment, or improve the performance of standard equipment with a custom profile. UWC also carries an assortment of standard hooked and sifter screens to fit most mesh specifications. Wear and center strips can be applied to sifter screens for longer life and greater durability.

Other Universal Wire Cloth products include: sieves enclosures, separator screens, baskets and trays, and an infinite variety of custom cut pieces and shapes. Universal Wire Cloth offers services such as bending, rolling, cutting, forming and welding. We can also shear cut to straight dimensions, or laser cut your mesh to a specific design pattern.

Whether you need a specific mesh profile for industrial filtration or vibration equipment, or you need assistance to work out a new custom design for an architectural partition or infill panel, Universal Wire Cloth is a wire cloth products manufacturer providing the finest products and services in the industry.



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