Slitting Capabilities

Slitting Capabilities at Universal Wire Cloth

This is where High Speed and Precision combine with operator skills to produce high quality, accurate slit to size, wire mesh coils. Our custom designed Wire Mesh Slitting machines can handle mesh rolls up to 62" in width and have the capability of slitting down to as small as 1" wide coils. Our equipment can maintain accurate slits with +/- 1/32" tolerance.

Slitting of Wire Cloth is truly an art as this operation depends on the skill of an operator as he maintains a specific "feel" for the mesh as it runs through the cutting blades. Wire Mesh tends to have "play" or "flexibility" to it which can allow the mesh to shift itself during the slitting process. With the addition of optical scanners, our machines "watch" the mesh edges and continually shifts the material to maintain a straight, accurate feed into the cutting blades. A precision "take up" rewinds the individual slit coils onto cardboard cores and create a uniform, straight coil. This "take up" system relies on pressure readings which maintain specific tension during the rewind process. Each coil maintains its own individual tension which form consistently uniform coils. All of this combined with the careful eye and craftsmanship of the operator, make our slitting services the top of the line.

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