Rolling and Flattening Services at UWCNot only does Universal Wire Cloth custom manufacture WIRE MESH for Architectural and Industrial applications, but we can provide custom fabrication in addition to complete or compliment your requirement.

Universal Wire Cloth offers services such as bending, rolling, cutting, forming and welding in our location. We can bend your material to your specification, or roll it from a soft radius to even a small, tight radius which can form a complete cylinder.

UWC can cut your mesh into complete circles in various sizes from small to large diameters.We can also shear cut to straight dimensions, or laser cut your mesh to a specific design pattern. Our WIRE MESH can also be shear cut on a 45 degree bias to finish with a square diamond pattern. Additionally, we can form and apply "U" shaped metal channels, which will fit over the outer edges of your WIRE CLOTH parts to act as a border or frame. This edge is used as protection to prevent the outer edge wires from bending or pulling out. It also acts as a safety feature to protect from any damage when handling.  These "U" binder edges can also have holes punched through them to your specification, to allow for bolting or securing the screen in place. A fixture or tab can be applied to the edging as an optional method to allow for securing your panels. Not only do we shear cut straight, but we can cut your mesh into complete circles in various sizes from small to large diameters.

Other services offered by Universal Wire Cloth Co. include:

  • Same day shipments from stock
  • Samples – whether it’s 1 part or one of our sample “Kits” or even a virtual “e-sample”
  • Shearing – shapes circles, angles and more
  • Welding  - stick, mig, tig, resistance
  • Custom fabricating – bending, forming, frames, edging, baskets, cylinders 
  • Rolling / Flattening/ Straightening
  • Custom packaging 

 Services offered by Universal Wire Cloth

Check with our experienced sales team to discuss your requirements and to learn more about our capabilities.

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