Since our inception, Universal Wire Cloth Co. has provided standard as well as custom woven products to serve the Architectural Industry. We can provide custom designed WIRE MESH or WIRE CLOTH products to our customers for their special projects. We also provide options to weave your material in various metals such as "Mirror Bright" Stainless Steel, Bright Basic Steel, Bright Galvanized, Aluminum, Copper, Brass and many others. We can also produce WIRE MESH using a combination of different, compatible metals which create a unique design look for special projects.

With our "in house" design and production ability, Universal Wire Cloth can design and manufacture the tooling required to produce a customer's specific wire mesh requirement, in a timely, cost efficient manner. Not only do we have the capability to make custom tooling, we also have an extensive inventory of existing tooling which can be used to produce a variety of wire mesh or wire cloth specs for many different Architectural applications. Such applications include wire mesh made for infill panels, for hand or stair railings, interior and exterior decor, custom cabinet panels, security and safety uses, automotive, restoration applications and many others. Architectural designs and applications are seemingly unlimited as we continue to develop new uses for various applications from esthetic values to functional or safety purposes.

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